Hello and welcome to the Melbourne Builders Directory.

The reason for setting up this website is very simple. We want to make it easy for people to find a builder in Melbourne, and that’s all there is to it.

It can be a difficult and daunting task to find a builder in Melbourne, either to build your new house or to deal with your much needed renovations. Melbourne is a vast and sprawling city with thousands of building jobs being carried out by hundreds of builders everyday, so how do you find the builder that is going to do the best job within your budget.

Well, a lot of building work is awarded to builders strictly on the recommendations of their clients, in other words by word of mouth. You need to find a builder and you mention this to a friend or colleague and they might recommend someone who has done work for them, but what if this system fails and you are left on your own?

Find  Your Builder

OK, by coming here you have already taken the first step to finding your Melbourne builder.

Most clients would rather deal with a builder in their local area. There are  a number of very good reasons for going down this path. Firstly it is easier to visit building work that has previously been done by the builder if the work is in your local area. Secondly, if your builder has worked in the local area, then they will be familiar with local council regulations and also be well aware of any particular challenges to building in that area. These challenges might include parts of Melbourne where site access is difficult or where specific problems like building where there is a high risk of bush fires. Lastly, there are going to be significant savings in time for the builder getting to your job if it is close, which could well be reflected in the time it takes to complete your job and the overall cost.

Whatever way you look at it, choosing a local builder makes good sense in so many ways. However carrying out that task has not been simple until now. Anyone who has done any kind of search with any telephone directory, will tell you that often the results of these searches contain all kinds of information not even remotely associated with the your original search input, and that also applies in many ways to internet searches as well.

So by creating a website which contains only information about builders in Melbourne, we cut out all the erroneous results and all the time wasting.

To make the task of finding builders in your area as easy as possible, we have separated them into areas in Melbourne and then included a powerful search engine which allows you to search under builders name, street address, postcode and even telephone number.

We will be adding new features and pages as we continue to develop the website.  So come back soon and come back often.